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Our USP is designing & developing digital products for niche clientele such as research and scientist communities.


We believe an IT company should invest time and resources in building products as part of our growth strategy. Our portfolio with cutting-edge products adds value to customer business both in B2B and B2C segments. Team Determinant Studios takes pride in its incremental contribution to India's innovation story.



Smorgborg helps communities, neighborhood clubs, and organizations get organized and connected. Smorgborg is a platform that lets you create and manage communities. The platform features enable you to be part of a community and carry out its activities digitally. Smorgborg is the brainchild of John Campbell, an entrepreneur based in San Diego. Determinant Studios is the co-owner of the Smorgborg product software intellectual property (IP) rights and continues to contribute and maintain the code.



Godel is a B2B solution tailor-made for Scientists. It has a complete frontend solution that allows a scientist to organize a dashboard of scientific tools and widgets required on a day-to-day basis. Godel provides user-interface (UI) components specifically targeted at scientists facilitate plug-and-play of analytical tools such as waveform analysis, temperature analysis, circuit & board analysis, an oscilloscope to name a few.



Housefly was built as a 3D real estate B2B product solution built and marketed during 2015-16. Housefly was a pioneering innovation and had the feature to customize the real estate experience in the browser. A component of the product that could connect to hardware over Zigbee was shown in Siggraph 2016 and was appreciated for the performance it has on smartphones.

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